Remember Best Prices on the Peninsula

SUDZ CyberCard technology offers quarter-less multi-language terminals

There are plenty of things to entertain you at SUDZ

     FREE Wi-Fi 

     FREE newspapers

     FREE magazine and book exchange

     FREE organic fair-trade coffee and tea bar


High Efficient Washers and Dryers

SUDZ operates with 54 new, efficient washing machines (2 load, 3 load, 6 load, 8 load), helping to reduce wait times 

The average home washer uses 220 gallons for 6 loads.  Our washers use an average of 70% less water

We proudly offer the world's greenest, cleanest eco-friendly soap (no doxanes or chemicals

We use only green cleaners for our facility maintenance

Interior lighting is provided with T-8 full spectrum bulbs for happy, healthy sun-replicating light

HOT means HOT!  The upgraded high efficient, energy-saving boiler, allows hot water to be continually available. 

Full power hot fresh dryers get clothes dried faster.


LOCATION:  1 mile to Pebble Beach,1.5 miles to Cannery Row and the Monterey Bay Aquarium, 2.5 miles to downtown Monterey, 6 miles to Carmel-by-the-Sea, 1 miles to Seaside, 10.5 miles to Sand City, and 12.5 miles to Marina

Whether you are a self-service or wash and dry customer, we offer the best of everything in a full service laundry. 

Drop in or call anytime. 

THREE large TV's with Satellite DirecTV offering 260 channels including kids programs, sports in "high definition" (golf package)

SUDZ Cyber Laundry